Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moomah New York

If you take a trip to NY with your kids you should check Moomah.
For the ones staying here just the idea is pleasant and we can dream of a place like this. It is a place that is kind of like going to your really creative friends house and having a playdate! You know that friend, ever an incredible project going on... Moomah is a friendly environment that fosters kids imagination and is overflowing with amazing ideas. One of my favorites is Gloga - or glow-in-the-dark yoga! Including classes for Mommy and me, 2-3 year old and also 4-7 year olds -- I love the idea and I can imagine kids just think this is great!
Moomah, 161 Hudson Street
(between Laight and Hubert streets in Tribeca)
8am - 7pm
DIT table (do-it-together) open 9am - 5pm

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