Sunday, January 31, 2010

that's what I dream about..................... Garland and dînette by villa clair matin

Barnekurs - Fisk er gøy!

The Chef Thomas Moen from Sjømagasinet restaurant in Tjuvholmen organises children cooking ateliers. YEEEH! Mamas and Papas will be served a three courses menu by their own little chefs.... You can find all the needed information here and you will never have to worry anymore to who will cook the daily "Délices"


little riding hood online at tamo nice kids shop online....
I could not resist, passed by Jacadi in Elisenbergveien 5. They look sooo much like the ones I had myself at the same age. i love this nostalgic little booties
loulou's wall of fame


The National museums of Oslo are proposing several guided exhibitions to give you a chance to become familiar with design history while carrying your baby through 2010. You will find the program on but I can tell you already that wednesday the 2d of february Kunstindustrimuseet organise a design tour and the 2d of march the same museum will introduce Marimekko. We will be there!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dorie Millerson

A wonderful little art piece by Dorie Millerson that I could watch for hours.... found online on the blog bookhou journal

Mairo tiny

The favorite bib of Loulou (offered by some really nice friends) from the Swedish brand Mairo tiny and the great hand-drawn potatoes bags....


Mimi'lou is a line of delicate wall stickers and other objects bringing wall, furniture or any other surface into a magic and dreamy world. It is perfect for children rooms. We absolute could think of the deer sticker in our living room, we..... You can shop them online here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nice illustration

Dicover the illustrations of Arian Behzadi on flickr. You can always print and frame them or just scatter them on a wall to create the illusion of your own wallpaper. Nice!

Barna på Hjørnet

Time for some good bargains, the absolute end of the sale season is coming and the amazing little shop Barna på hjørnet in Oslo is emptying everything.... RUUUN 70% off on clothing and 50% on the rest

Jade Nursery

I found this lovely nursery on the inspirational Jojo's room blog. Thanks to Jade and Jojo's room to share this little jewel room...Be inspired


Teeny tini is a "happy handmade" collection of amazing garments and doudous "dolls". They are crafted with joy and delicacy by JK Lange in England for our great happiness. Only beautiful materials that care for baby skins and not one piece like another because of the careful association of colours and patterns never repeated.
You will find it online on the amazing children shop little circus....

Bowties by le train fantome

I love these bowties by Fanja, will make sure that loulou gets one......

Atelier Assemblé Antwerpen

If you are passing by Antwerp run to this address Leopold de Waelstraat 30 •
The designer of the children clothing line
Atelier Assemblé works there with vintage fabrics from 1950 to 1980. The beautiful pieces are limited edition.
If you are a bit envious don't worry you can get a made to your measures garment, so you can dress up the entire family with the same model.
The pictures on the site by Anoek Luyten are so dreamy...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Always and forever Lucky Boy Sunday

lucky boy sunday


Visiting the blog l'e dans l'a is a great inspiration. It just looks so poetic and calm. Enjoy... all these beautiful good ideas

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Playmo in Paris

If you are planing a little family week end to Paris before the 9th of May this year, make sure you are taking a detour to les Arts Décoratifs (rue de Rivoli in the 1st) where a show to the glory of the Playmobils retraces 35 years of development of the small dolls.
A trip between pirates, explorers, animals and unavoidable construction equipments. Gigantic playmobils will amaze the little ones...

korall koral

Korall Koral "a babyopera" is a show created especially for children from 0 to 3 years. They are lured by sounds into a shell-shaped tent in Opera's entry hall, where two artists with custom-made sea instruments are creating music. After about 20 minutes long, the show invited children and adults to explore the room and the instruments on their own.
For more info check the opera site online here...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Barnas Konserthusserie 09/10

Barnas Konserthus serie is a concert serie for children. There are 6 Saturday concerts spread over the autumn 09 and spring 10. The concerts are suitable for children from about 5 years and up and this year's theme is Famous Composers. This initiative wishes to establish closer acquaintance with a known composer through music, drama and audience participation. This is a great gateway for children to become familiar with all the great music that exists. The six concerts are sold together as a subscription and the sale takes place until the first concert.After this date, any unsold seats will be sold individually. The next concert is the Magic Flute by Mozart, Saturday the 23d of January. More info here...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Made in Prairies

Made in Prairies, is a new eco-friendly webshop online, You will find there Veja Small, a brand designing marvellous little organic shoes; the becoming famous Oeuf label from NY covering our children with baby alpaca in soooo poetic and funny designs, Esencia the Danish brand, all in softness and eco-friendly (found at Sprell in Oslo too) and fun design pieces by Ninetonine or Trendy tub... So much more and in good conscious!

Green to Grow

Green to Grow, an American Label, created a line of Bisphenol A free baby bottles. It gives us the chance to provide the best possible care for our children. You can find their products online.
Or you have actually several places in Norway selling these bottles in Kristiansand, Droeback, Trondheim, check their store locator here.

Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall a Brooklyn based Australian artist is doing mostly prints (but from time to time original drawings and paintings, and one day maybe even the curiosities she has promised). Sophie Blackall has illustrated over fifteen books for children and her paintings and three dimensional works have been exhibited in galleries in Sydney, Paris and New York. Her Missed Connections project is an ongoing series of paintings based on real, anonymous messages posted online by lovelorn strangers.

Have fun this week-end... Tekniskmuseum

The 16.-17th. of January: Make paper in the old fashioned way and get a Lego robot to cure a sick heart. Row with a skeleton in the Science Center and learn about what vaccination has meant to the world. And of course you can program your own music - we'll show you how! Also check out Norway's first armored VIP car! Open 11-18 both days.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year from Loulou

In this occasion Loulou wears a sun pleated dress by Chloé, a turtle neck by Kza, an amazing knitted bow by Tremplapin, thights by Kid kid and golden derbys by Bonton

Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to Mummysam!

If you need some ideas to add some fun to the walls of your children's room, check the online shop of Mummysam. All of the creations are made using natural fibers, with each piece being individual and unique. It is so cute....

The incredible Mr Fox

The "very" expected first animation movie signed by Wes Anderson is bringing us 6 feet under..... There, we'll discover Mr Fox, one of the cult hero of Roald Dahl. W. Anderson has of course added some spice to the Fox family. Run the 5th of february, to discover this amazing animation crafted with art, with the voices of G. Clooney and M. Streep. Check here for more info.