Monday, November 30, 2009


Photo: petitHOOD

Andrea wears a black shirt by BB+++. Subtlety of color and asymmetry of buttons: the secret recipe for a stylish shirt. Blake, deceptively for the "quiet child", has a very graphic cut to combine with a simple jeans.

Barbara Berrada

Barbara is a poet, an artist whose Magic touches everything she seems to look at. She takes us on a personal and magical universe. In front of her work, I am still a child who asks for more. I show there a little assortment of what she is capable..... The nicest photo series I have seen for a while.
Check her site here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

BangBang Copenhagen

The label Bangbang Copenhagen is for the cool Kids' gangs.... The collection founded by Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager focus on playful and creative designs for children age 1-8 years.
These girls do not believe in pink for girls and blue for boys and I really agree when I see the result of their talent.
The inspirations lie in Origami and the attitude of streetwear. The garments are not only unique and soulful they are functional. Worth to check.......Online at Littlefashiongallery and Artrebels

Saturday, November 28, 2009

She became a Gingerbread

Loulou has been magically transformed into a pepperkake today...

To Ilail

Bon Anniversaire Ilail. We, Norwegian trolls, are thinking about you today.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Juletre tennes

The 28th of November at 14.30, the Christmas Tree on the place of Youngstorget in Oslo will officially be lighted up...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiny Doe

Tiny Doe is a very young but promising playful Norwegian clothing line.
Behind this label lies a strong will to succeed with creativity and skills as major ingredients.
The first collection born in a burst of joy and colours presents imaginative shapes, details and prints reflecting the identity of the designer behind.
Tiny doe plays with sugar-coated candy colours with spirit and personality.
The line is more than a sweet look with high quality craftsmanship, it also presents optimal comfort and built-in safety features. Tiny Doe cares for the environment and makes sure that the clothes are manufactured ethically.
You will find the brand in several shop in Norway and online here.

Loulou 26th of november

Because of the grey weather, today, Loulou insisted to wear some bright colour and most of all a pretty dress.
She first added a pink bow-clip to her chapka... She took a red and nude alpaca dress by Caramel&child and some woolen eggplant coloured tights by Doré-Doré. The shoes were an easy pick, they are her absolute favorites, the Mary Poppins booties by Maloles Petite. the scarf by the spanish Bobochoses... And Off we went

Ringo Atelier

RINGO is a new creative workshop online, officially for children, but we are in love...and we think you might like it too
Atelier Ringo is the brainchild of Morgane from Little Circus and Rosemarie Auberson.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mix and Match

Nice idea for the bedroom wall of your children: embroideries frames and Liberty fabrics. Up to you to give it your own twist.

Christmas Wish list

Mushrooms lamps by Egmont found in Shabby Kids in Oslo, Rocking Elg by Vilac and Alpaca wool snowmen by Lucky Boy Sunday..... and a nice garland above our bed

Swedish Monamici

Spring 2010 is a very rich season for Swedish brand Monamici, with colors such as red, pink, indigo, purple mixed with Liberty classics and Hawaiian pattern. The collection - all in certified organic - includes lovely dresses, tunics, skirts, pants and tops. The feeling is uplifting, fresh and beautiful. To buy Monamici products, visit the brand's own e-store

Loulou Eskimo

Loulou Eskimo of Scandinavia (her full name) is very little but already sooooooo fashion conscious!
Today she is wearing a rabbit fur chapka by Bonpoint found in Bygdøy Allé at Martine.
Her favorites underwear by Petit Bateau found in town at Den kule mage .
But when she saw the sun this morning she ran to fetch her sunglasses and new floatsuit by Archimede bought on sale this autumn.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rød nese dagen

Rødnesedagen is a different kind of fundraiser. Throughout November, you can put on your red nose and do funny, silly and trifling thing to raise funds for Redd Barna.
I found a beautiful picture of the photographer Sophie Delaporte as a small poetic contribution to the 29th of November.
Sophie or a dreamlike world with vivid colors. She loves playful scenography and honors the surrealist movement with her recurrent fantastic characters.


Ola&Olek is a newly launched UK-based line from designer Eliza Lopatowska. She gets inspired from her native Poland and her little cousins to create a delicately touching line of organic tees and retro dresses & cardigans. The collection aims to seduce "über-parents" with very individual taste in design who are looking for designer children's clothing with a unique charm and appeal.
The identity of this well put together brand is very strong and charming, find online at


This great cardboard playhouse can be customized and is sold online at Umberleaf , a new e-store with a selection of stylish childrens clothing and accessories, as well as play items. The store will keep adding great founds for modern and earth conscious parents. We recommend you to check it right now!

illustration for Loulou Eskimo of Scandinavia

Research for the little character of Loulou Eskimo who will follow our blog by presenting some of her favorite looks.

Karin Nussbaumer

Featured in Junior Magazine, Vogue Bambini, Elle decor, Karin Nussbaumer is an Austrian photographer based in Amsterdam. Karin loves telling little stories, using photography to play with fantasy, trying to tell as much as possible in each of her images. Playing widely with light, tones and props, Karin makes her stories a pleasant travel for the viewer.Dive without moderation into her magical worlds.

Gap by Stella McCartney

The yearly result for Gap was published last week: 25% profit jump. The brand announced today plans for a second collection created by Stella McCartney. It's no surprise to whom has tried to get some products from this first collaboration. You had to get on line at dawn!

Giant Chalkboards

We love these XL wall stickers chalkboards. A good idea for the room of your children, they will finally get the right to draw on the walls........
Design by Cocoboheme and on sale online here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Children label Talc

The first impression : sober and close to basics,but Talc creates very charming collections, full of details which make their garments so tempting. The fluent fabrics and light cuts design gracious silhouettes, free to play and move without losing natural elegance...
The spring-summer Talc collection is presented here and is available online (at very affordable prices) at SMALLable.

Pepperkakekonkurranse 2009

The gingerbread or "pepperkake" competition of nasjonalmuseet is on. The theme of this year is Scenography. hummm!
You will find some clues on the site of the museeums. Search also for "pepperkake" tips on
Don't forget, you must first register before the 25th of november....
The exhibition of all the contestants will open the 10th of December at 14.00.

"Kunstklubben" for children

Kunstklubben Griffen
Griffen is the Nasjonalmuseet art club for children. For this club, children and art are the two most important ingredients! Griffen arrange special tours, adventurous moments, concerts, treasure hunts, workshops, openings and more exciting experiences for children approximately between 5 and 10 years old.
Usually 4 to 6 events a year will be organised, often on the first Saturday of the month.You will get more information about the dates in the member magazine, which comes twice a year. It costs 150, - kr per year to be a member of Griffen.

Saturday 5 December kl. 12.00-14.00 we will make Christmas tree decorations and decorating the Christmas tree together.
Single Membership 150,-
Siblings Membership 100,-
Account number 9021 13 63427
Please include name and address of the member to be
Address: Griffen Nasjonalmuseet Postboks 7014 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Arty Papercraft

If your toddler is lazy on a Sunday afternoon, show him how a blank ark can be transformed into artwork.
To be enjoyed without moderation especially that only a pair of scissors will do.
Check the book Papercraft on the site of Gestalten.


It is Autumn and November again- and that means that SteinerSkolen in Hovseter again invites to their annual Christmas and Medieval Market for the entire family.
Set aside a few hours Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 November - I know you will love!

Good food of many kinds, both indoors and outdoors, popular games for kids, the well- and home-made Christmas presents and decorations you can buy.
And all the "hjemmelagede julekakene" and goodies you can eat your full before Christmas eve or take home. the medieval market in the Courtyard. What else to say, an enjoyable experience a great November day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking atelier with children

Nine children, a big kitchen in Paris, good ingredients and the ambition to create a three courses dinner.
Can it really work? Yes, under the expert guidance of chef Sonja Lee, the kids are willing to learn and are doing wonders.
Read the nice article En liten smak av Paris on and find the yummy receipes.


LUCKYBOYSUNDAY was established on a bench one sunny sunday afternoon.
Camilla&Camilla the two designers behind the Danish label promised eachother to create their own version of a child's reality.
The feeling of a lucky sunday should definitively be in these products together with edgy design and top of the pop quality.
And they absolutely managed.... We love their silly, joyful, graphic universe.
You will find a selection of the collection at min lille verden butikk in Stavanger or online at or

Christmas bulbs

illustration by eskimo
Amaryllis and Hyacinth beans as christmas decoration.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jul i Blåfjell på OsloNye

"Jul i blåfjell" is on theater but also on stage at Oslo Nye Theater. It stages charming gnomes evoking a magical and popular Christmas tradition. The show is for the entire family.

La petite Luce

The name "Emeline Ricard" does probably not sound familiar, but if I say to you La Petite Luce, I'm sure you immediately see a pretty retro dress with a large bow or a cape à la Little Red Riding Hood ...
Yet the french brand La Petite Luce is really very young: only 19 months old and two collections to her credit. But Emeline has in a short time, impose a style and seduced online shops like Little Fashion Gallery, an amazing online shop worth a peek

Mini Moncler

This winter, the program will include going skiing. If you want your last born to match the rest of the family, Moncler is there. Besides your baby will be very warm while you are getting tanned at the mountain restaurant.

Tutti Frutti Pillows

Looking for the perfect little complement in a children room...?
Well, these cushions from Laissez Lucie Faire ought to do the trick! French textile designer, Lucie Dancette combines bold colours, geometric patterns and images not usually found in interiors products to create a vast range of quirky cushions. Her prints are also applied to lampshades, chairs and makeup bags. View the full range on Laissez Lucie Faire website.

Memini by Kristin Vikse

MeMini is high quality childrenswear designed in Norway. The look is delicately retroand nostalgic and with a strong Norwegian visual identity.
Using colors and materials that bring a timeless feeling to the products, the MeMini collection easily combines with other brands and vintage clothes.
MeMini are simply clothes that allow children to be children.

Erbaviva for an happy bath

Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest, most natural, organic skincare products available.
Beginning with our exclusive line of pure products for Baby and Mommy-to-be, we now also offer a full range of Bath & Body products for everyone else including our unique Organic Deodorant.
In our commitment to you, and to the environment, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils, uniquely packaged and brought to you in a sophisticated form that honors the way nature created them.
You will find this line of products at the "Økologisk Parfymeri" in Bydøy Allee

Kay Bojesen Wood Toys

Kay Bojesens Wooden Animals - Danish Classics. The Danish Bear, Monkey, Elephant, Queen's Guards and Rocking Horse complete this compelling collection for hildren and adults alike.
Kay Bojesen's premise in his work was a conviction that his objects should have life, blood and a heart. This is especially obvious in his beloved toy soldiers and wooden animals, which have adorned children's bedrooms with smiles, taking children's dreams to far-flung lands. They stay with you from childhood into adulthood, and we call them classics because we would not want to be without them. And because they were made with love, imagination and intelligence.
You will find them at Illums Bolighus in House of Oslo complex.
The perfect christmas gift to me.........

Stella for Gap Kids

If you happen to cross a Gap flagship store on the way of your numerous travels you should check it...
The fashion event of that winter has finally arrived. Stella McCartney has signed its first children's collection for the American giant GapKids. The range is designed for children and babies from 0 to 12 years. Faithful to its principles, the English designer has created a street-wear line, mixing pastel colours, poetic touch and respect for childhood.
The girl, fantasized by Stella, evolves in a pink tutu or a long gown with sequins and a hoody. The boy is definitely street with a blue jacket adobrale skated quilted plaid shirt and a T-shirt as Marvel Comics. The accessories are also worth a detour: white sneakers rising penciling himself, and another pair of sneakers to scratch, blue for boys or pink for girls. The baby is cuddled him in cashmere, the noblest of materials to be most valuable. The highlight of the collection is the famous Miller jacket: jacket black officer, golden frogs.

The collaboration is to find November 3rd in stores.
More information


Dive into the universe of Barbara Berrada, She is touching at everything, garments, paintings, interior and a lot more and it is never boring.

Deilig Fleece

2 extremely comfi boots for the soft little feet of our kido. We are a bit envious especially since they are bio.
They are hand made in New Zealand and guaranteed with any chemicals.
The collection of Nui Organics can be discovered on the online shop Elias&Grace.

Designernes eget julemarked

Worth to check, it's always a nice crowded atmosphere and you often find one or two christmas presents you had not thought about.
The Designer market takes place at Doga the 5&6 of December

Mafia's children

We are touched in the heart by the work of Akim Zerouali on childhood and innocence.
The serie of photographs show the reactions of the mafia's children who have the same unconscious gestures than their gangster father.
We are waiting impatiently for the book

Friday, November 20, 2009

Illustration from Monki

from Monki

Monki's coming soon in Oslo for the trendy mums

The Swedish label Monki will open its door in Bogstaveien 4, the 26th of October.
Monki combines fashion, amazing graphics and storytelling shops interiors. The style is a mix between Tokyo's streetlooks and the Scandinavian minimalism. The brand concept is affordable garments with soul and strong personality, It stands for independency, individuality and fantasy. Watch out! Vi gleder oss