Monday, November 23, 2009

"Kunstklubben" for children

Kunstklubben Griffen
Griffen is the Nasjonalmuseet art club for children. For this club, children and art are the two most important ingredients! Griffen arrange special tours, adventurous moments, concerts, treasure hunts, workshops, openings and more exciting experiences for children approximately between 5 and 10 years old.
Usually 4 to 6 events a year will be organised, often on the first Saturday of the month.You will get more information about the dates in the member magazine, which comes twice a year. It costs 150, - kr per year to be a member of Griffen.

Saturday 5 December kl. 12.00-14.00 we will make Christmas tree decorations and decorating the Christmas tree together.
Single Membership 150,-
Siblings Membership 100,-
Account number 9021 13 63427
Please include name and address of the member to be
Address: Griffen Nasjonalmuseet Postboks 7014 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

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