Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IT is soooooo nice that I fell immediatly in love with her postic work. Thank you for your beautiful scribbles. Check the site of Knapfla

Rijada is an amazing design studio launching their new collection The Charm of the Countryside... Eastern European, traditional meets contemporary, natural linen, wood, wicker, whites, browns and greys ... everything is tempting even the strange toys for kids and young at heart we LOVE it

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Build a nest and care for the magical egg by moomah

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

illustration by eskimo

The amazing ringo atelier came up with the second workshop, Monstrous shadows!

You and your little ones should imagine a MONNNNSTERRR ! But not only ! The idea is to imagine a monster and to photograph it, him and its shadow, or only its shadow, like a theater of shadows. It will be necessary to think about its outlines to create a very very frightened shadow !

Check also little circus
aaaaahhhhh sun and farniente
by eskimo
So-Ro, Norwegian design for your babies. Not only good looking, it mimics the gentle arms' rocking... worth to click here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

If Milo reads me, I send him un énorme bisou, merciii pour le beau dessin

I just fell in love with these lovely garlands by müsca, I wish I could have all shapes and colours:), You will find them online on the belgian shop guapito

illustration by eskimo

things can be done with great delicacy and few pennies, the lovely dutch book vive la fete by the styling agency friedamaria prove you that I am right....
vieilleries by eskimo

Norwegian label dundelina's spring collection is here,soft and romantic made with care and most of all funny head accessorises that even mums can enjoy...

I borrowed the beautiful pictures of tjitske to give you some Easter inspiration... Don't miss the exhibition "2010 Eggs" at the Norwegian Folkemuseum. You will admire painted eggs or paint yourselv one art piece.... Make your own pancake or play chest in front of the open fireplace in the perfect eastern mood. Until 5th of april

Something happening every saturday for your baby faces..... Check the program of the "Deichmamske bibliotek" of Oslo.
Friday and saturday 27th and 28th of march bring them to Grünerløkka for the theatre play På do med Gro der skjerdet no.
from 4 and up , from 50,- kr check here you have to register.......

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the new visit cards of the eskimo blog by moo. Don't throw them collect them!

Eva revolver

Friday, March 19, 2010

we try to fake spring with rabbit and tulips but it's very foggy in the land of Loulou eskimo, the only comfort comes when we look at the colourful drawing by our cousin "picazzo".

Vikings fellows by Lola bits and pieces

nice shoot "musical chairs" by the magazine MILK issue 27 March

New York based brand Oeuf became famous with their eco-friendly and evolutive children's furniture. Their elegant and clean cribs finally allowed for modernity to enter baby's rooms.
More recently, the brand has developed a clothing and accessory line, ethically produced in Bolivia, the poorest country of America. Alpaca, beautiful details and playful accessories are the main ingredients of the collection. With this addition, the brand is now sold in over 300 stores in the US and abroad. A well deserve success.
Store selling Oeuf include Giggle, Pomme and Estella in New York, Bonton in Paris and online moderneseeds, but check Oeuf's own website to find a store.
Is that cute.... Hand knitted duck slippers by saint reagan's hollow

The exhibition "seat down" in London at the Childhood museum presents amazing pieces around 3 themes (What is a seat?, Who are seats for?, How are seats made?)
It classifies, compares, even incorporates everyday objects like pots and chairs dating from the seventeenth century to more modern pieces (stroller, car booster seat ...). It presents typologies of seat more than large pieces of design, although some are present, as the seat of Peter Murdoch Spotty, the highchair Rietveld, or Bertoia. The exhibition is fun and in the reach of children, particularly in the last part where they are invited to touch the materials, to assemble themselves a chair or to draw "their" own chair.
Thanks to the blog vintage for kid for the tip and the pictures
until september 2010

Always late, running out of time HOW will you manage to organise an unforgettable birthday party for this smily face in front of you......???? MY LITTLE DAY will save you there, the concept lies in a theme box.
All the effects you need from garlands to candles are to be found in the little red riding hood, tea party or pirate's box.
oufff breath

When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?
These are probably questions very often asked, My Milk Toof answers them very humor and subtility. A great story to show your little ones or for all the big kids that always wondered where went their little teeth