Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Den Lille Muldvarpen som ville vite hvem som hadde bæsjet på hodet hans.

by Werner Holzwarth
Dramatized by Tine Thomassen
Delightful festive
Wonderful theater for kids
This children's Book about the busy and brave Mole has been a great international success. Don't miss it on stage in January!!!
Through funny scenes, an energetic, humorous and informative story will be told to the smallest and the small at heart.
In the theatre version you will meet funny characters (among others the lovers goat, a horse with the world's largest self-confidence, an angry rabbit and much more)
The show lasts 45 minutes, with laughter and excitement from beginning to the end. suits for children from 3 years and up

Premiere the 20th of January 2010 in Oslo Nye Trikkestallen

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