Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home made

JUJU – A Different Book on Children’s Clothing by Savio, Mari - Rapia, Kati
“Let your imagination guide you and put the sewing machine on the table. Press the pedal and let the story begin.”

JUJU – A Different Kind of Book on Children's Clothing inspires both beginners as well as virtuoso seamstresses to carry out fascinating experiments. Material for children's clothing can be found in lots of places: the attic, the granary at the summer cottage, or the draper's. The writers encourage people to use old patterns and fabrics but also to look for new ideas on clothing. For example, embroidered sheets and crocheted lace clothes are both usable materials.
According to the JUJU ideology, the process of creation itself is as important as the end result. Anyone can create a personal journey out of making children's clothes and the end result is always a surprise.
These amazing ideas are compiled into two books Maja and Juju, open doors to extraordinary possibilities, only in finish but soon traduced, YUPPY! A must have

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